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The layout of the emitter circuit has to be very symmetrical in order to minimize differences in emitter inductances and resistances. Even minor, unavoidable differences in the emitter inductances and resistances will generate compensation currents between the gate drive emitter connections. It is recommended to use a resistor in the range of at least 0.5 Ohm, but not to exceed approximately 1/3 of the total gate resistance.

The on-state behavior is something more critical when it comes about paralleling igbts. Some devices such as the P700 six-pack suggests a relatively variation in IGBT collector-emitter and diode forward voltage. For the IGBT, the collector-emitter saturation voltage at 25 °C is given as 1.7 V typical and 2.25 V maximum. No value is provided for the minimum voltage. Keeping this in mind, the paralleling of chips cannot be recommended, since the current sharing among the individual IGBTs cannot be ensured. The situation is even worse for the diodes in parallel systems but it can be avoided depending it its final use.

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